Are you ready to enter the 2018 awards?

These awards are designed to highlight and showcase your amazing talent. Any individual or Business operating in Scotland can enter. There are 30 different titles to go for so make sure you choose the categories that you are most talented in.  You are not limited to a single entry, businesses can select to enter each applying category.

Motivate yourself and your staff, boost morale and get rewarded for all the hard work. Get improve PR exposure and increase your reach to new clients. An Award is a sign of quality, innovation and dedication to your profession and can make a real difference to you, your team and your business.


To enter simply click the link below:

1. Entry opens on Monday 12th February 2018.

2. You can enter more than one title and are not restricted to the categories as grouped above.

3. ENTRY FEES: There is a two tier structure.

  • A fee of £25 is made for a single entry.  i.e. Colourist only cost will be £25  
  • A fee of £50 is made for multiple entries. i.e. Colourist, Female Stylist, Salon Design & Hair Salon will be £50
  • These fees are to cover the administrative cost and provide you with your Marketing Packs.
  • The Fee/s are payable at the end of your application via the payment gateway. 

 4. Go to the link below and enter all your details. It is important that all information is correct including the names of the persons being nominated.  The form must be completed accurately.  SHABA will not take responsibility for misspellings or incorrect data.

5. Please ensure that the person/s being nominated has agreed to take part as they may be required to submit evidence of their work for judging purposes..

6. A confirmation email will be sent once your form has been received and payment has been made.  If for any reason you do not receive confirmation, you must contact


The SHABA Awards are designed to stimulate public interest in the services being delivered by the Salons.  Therefore we encourage members of the public to vote for their favourite individuals and businesses in the first stage.of the competition which is how we arrive at the SHORTLIST stage.

1. SHABA will send you a Marketing Pack of Posters and Tent Cards, before voting opens. Place these around your business to alert your clients to the fact that you are up for an award. A social media banner will be available to download from the website.

2. Encourage clients to vote for you via the website link.  A prize valued at £500 is offered which will incentivise your clients to vote for you. SHABA will only count 1 vote from 1 email address. All email addresses are validated for authenticity.

3. Public Voting opens on Tuesday 01st of May and closes Thursday 31st of May. During this time ensure your clients know that your salon is engaged in the competition and ask them to support you.

4. All SHORTLISTED candidates, drawn from the online voting will be notified by Friday 29th of June.

5. If you are SHORTLISTED you may be required to submit evidence of your work which will be considered by our panel of Professional Industry experts. You must allow your work to be published as part of the competition. 

6. Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on Sunday 16th September.

7. All updates will be posted on our Facebook page, please ensure you like our page so that you don't miss any announcements!

Terms & Conditions